miami hotel and conference centre chelmsford essex
miami hotel and conference centre chelmsford essex
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Served all day until 10pm


Pot of Herbal Tea £1.85
Pot of Tea £1.85
Cup of Coffee £2.00
Cappuccino £2.15.
Espresso £1.55
Latte £2.25
Cafeteria of Coffee £2.50
Hot Chocolate £2.25
(All our coffee is made with freshly ground beans)


Danish Pastry £1.95
Toast & Jam £1.55
Toasted Teacake £1.30
Portion of Jam £0.35


Served with salad garnish
Country Ham £3.60
Mature Cheddar (V) £3.60
Roast Meat £4.20
Tuna Mayonnaise £3.60
Prawn Marie Rose £4.20
Extra Fillings, tomato, cucumber, onion, lettuce £0.25 each
Salad £0.60

Available 11am-2.30pm & 6.30pm-10pm


Toasted Sandwiches
Mature Cheddar (V) £3.90
Country Ham £3.90
Mature Cheddar & Country Ham £4.50
Tuna & Cheese £4.50

Hot Sandwiches

Bacon £4.00
Sausage £4.00
Fried Egg £3.50
Fried Egg & Bacon £4.60

Fresh Baked Baguettes

Mature Cheddar (V) £5.00
Country Ham £5.00
Bacon £5.50
Sausage & Onion £5.50
Tuna Mayonnaise £5.00
Roast Meat £5.80
Prawn Marie Rose £5.80


Jacket Potato & Butter (V) £3.70
Tuna, Cheese, Ham, Beans £1.00 each
Onions, Peppers £0.50 each
Prawn Marie Rose £2.00


Portion of fries or savoury diced herb potatoes £2.30
Cheesy chips £2.90
Portion of peas or baked beans £0.80
Salad bowl or portion of vegetables £2.80
Bread & butter per slice £0.40
Crusty roll & butter £0.90
Garlic Baguette £3.20
Cheesey Garlic Baguette £3.90


Luxury dairy ice-cream £3.60
Homemade crumble £4.50
Dessert of the day £4.50


Homemade Soup & Roll £4.30
Ham Double Egg & Chips £7.95
Two slices of fresh ham, 2 eggs & chips
Scampi £8.75
Wholetail Scampi served with chips & peas or salad garnish
Sausage Egg & Chips
2 sausages 2 eggs & chips £7.50
Miami Burger £8.25
Homemade burger with fries and onion rings
Toppings for your burger
Cheese,bacon, mushrooms £0.80 each
Giant Yorkie £8.25
Giant Yorkshire pud, filled with roast meat & gravy served with
garden peas and roasted or new potatoes
Fresh Garden Salad served with tuna, cheese or ham £6.50
Hunters Chicken £8.95
Breast of chicken topped with bacon, cheese & BBQ sauce
Served with chips & salad garnish
Grilled Rump Steak £9.95
8oz rump served with onion rings chips and peas.
Cajun Chicken Burger £8.50
Cajun spiced chicken served in a bun with chips and peas
Mediterranean Vegetable & Tomato Pasta £7.50


Plain omelette served with fries or salad £5.95
Ham, cheese, mushrooms £1.00 each
Onions, peppers, tomato £0.50 each

We cater for weddings, Anniversaries & a variety of other special occasions please ask for details.

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